What Social Value Did You Create This Week


I took a moment yesterday to reflect on how much social value the Golf In Society pilot scheme had generated. The results were pretty amazing.

Mike, Alan, Nick & Norman, my “golfing buddies”, all living with different types of dementia joined me this week for two hours of golf and socialising. Whilst they were golfing their loved ones enjoyed two hours of much-needed respite for themselves.

That’s eight people in two hours that directly benefitted this week. When you consider that the pilot started in September, that means the benefits have been enjoyed for twenty weeks by families living with dementia.

Therefore, that equates to FORTY HOURS of health & wellbeing benefits per person living with dementia since we started.

It also equates to FORTY HOURS of respite for every carer/loved one.

And these are just two of the many social outcomes generated by Golf In Society.


In the next few weeks the detailed social value outcomes will be ready to publish – the results will be compelling evidence that Golf In Society is making a positive contribution to people’s lives.

Can’t wait to share them with you!!!

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Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities by introducing them to wonderful world of golf.

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