Thursday 12th November – 10am

This week Lincoln Golf Centre becomes the first “dementia friendly” golf club in the UK. Since September the club has been the host to a new social enterprise initiative aimed at improving the lives of people living with dementia by introducing them to golf.

The results so far have been amazing.

“To witness the positive impact we’ve had on people’s lives has been the most rewarding part of the venture” says Anthony Blackburn, Founder of Golf In Society & Social Entrepreneur.

Anthony added “To see a gentleman enjoying golf once more after being told he would never play the game again, has been one of the many highlights so far”

The service has been designed with a unique combination of physical, mental and social stimulation, personally crafted to meet the needs of each dementia client.

“Dementia touches each person differently, that’s why you can’t just take a generic approach when designing a dementia service, it’s crucial to be able to personalise the delivery and contentsays Anthony.  

He also added “The relaxed and enjoyable sessions, delivered in beautiful natural surroundings by compassionate people, is proving to be a winning formula with our customers”

Here’s a couple of quotes from satisfied clients;

 “It was wonderful to meet you yesterday….you took my husband Nicholas on a round of golf at Thorpe on the Hill golf Club. He was thrilled and I’m printing off some of the pics to put in a memory book of recent events for him.

Nicholas has remembered the event this morning and he’ll be keeping hold of the golf ball you gave him to help remind him of the day”

To see the look on Michaels face when he did play golf again, was an experience that will stay with me for a long time.  Not to mention George who came alone but said he had a great experience and couldn’t believe the welcome he has received, and of course Nick who couldn’t stop thanking his wife for bringing him.  I was genuinely touched by the whole experience”

Lincolnshire was selected to pilot the scheme due to its need to increase the dementia services available and improve diagnosis rates of the disease. With the help of England Golf it was decided that Lincoln Golf Centre was the perfect venue to trial the service.

The facilities available for new golfers, the positive attitude of the members and management team and easy access gave it every chance of succeeding.

“We are so proud to be part of this initiative. If we can help local people less fortunate than ourselves discover a better life through golf, then it’s got to be good for everyone in the Lincoln area” says Brian Logan (Proprietor – Lincoln Golf Centre)

Danny Walsh, Senior Lecturer (Mental Health Nursing) at Lincoln University adds “This is a marvellous initiative which is likely to make a significant and very positive impact upon the lives of those people living with dementia and their carers who take part in it. The university both supports and is proud to be a part of this venture.”

To celebrate the official launch, a special golf event is being held at the club on Thursday 12th November from 10am. It’s a team event with club members and the “High Five Dementia Team” competing for the Golf Days Out Trophy.

You and your listeners/viewers/readers are welcome to join us from 10am at Lincoln Golf Centre to find out more about how golf is improving the lives of people living with dementia in the Lincoln area, and how we intend to make Lincolnshire the first “Dementia Friendly Golf County” in the UK.

For more information about this social enterprise initiative and how to get involved please contact Anthony Blackburn. You can follow our story on Facebook (Golf In Society) or via our Blog (

Tel: 07426066672


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Anthony Blackburn – Social Entreprenuer & Founder
Life is better when you’re golfing

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