Dementia Golf Day won by the High Five Team

Imagine your team of four golfers included one player with dementia and another with Parkinson's disease who was told he would never play golf again. How would you rate your chances of winning in a nine hole "Texas Scramble" competition against five other teams, all regular golfers with official handicaps? You probably would expect to enjoy... Continue Reading →


This is my short story for the day and has a very happy ending. When you make a difference to someone's life this feedback is priceless. Social entrepreneurs like me are doing this everyday across the country. The story is told by a wonderful lady who cares for her husband, he was told he would never play... Continue Reading →

Rewarding social value creation in our communities

Knowing that your job is helping others must be the most rewarding work out there. Making a real difference to people's lives who are less fortunate than yourself must be so liberating. Here's an interesting question - for every £1 of salary, which profession produces the most social and economic value for society? It's highly likely that carers would feature in the top ten. If you did the... Continue Reading →

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