Golf – Stimulating minds, bodies & souls


Did you know that every time you play a round of golf you;

  • burn over 900 calories,
  • stretch over 1000 times,
  • make over 500 decisions
  • socialise with at least three people
  • Walk in excess of 3 miles
  • Breath in fresh air for at least 3 hours
  • Enjoy beautiful landscapes & scenery

These are just a handful of the benefits of playing golf.

People living with Dementia require physical exercise, mental stimulation and social engagement. When these three elements are combined in one activity the results can be life-changing. I’m amazed that very few people have recognised golf as the perfect sport to deliver this perfect mix of stimulants!

Golf can help delay the onset of Dementia and slow the progress of the disease. Golf clubs provide a safe, secure and supportive environment where Dementia sufferers can enjoy a full and active life for as long as they wish.

Dementia is touching more people’s lives each year – and it will become as topical as cancer in years to come. If golf can be promoted more effectively as a “prefered Dementia activity” then it could transform the fortunes of the industry – and make a huge contribution to the Healthy Ageing Agenda.

Consider this – Enjoying moderate exercise for 15 minutes a day can extend your life by THREE years.  Imagine the social and economic benefits of encouraging more people in their 40’s to consider golf?

This is our mission.

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Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities by introducing them to wonderful world of golf.

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