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We specialise in helping elderly people improve their health & wellbeing by introducing them to golf. By providing “unique golfing experiences”, we introduce the game to new … Source: What we do

Dementia Golf Featured On Radio 4

When people ask me "what is Golf In Society all about?" I usually reply "It's a social enterprise that helps people live happier, healthier lives by introducing them to the wonderful world of golf". The next question is often "so how does it work?". My response is normally "We help elderly people improve their health & wellbeing by providing them with a... Continue Reading →

Dementia Golf Days – Touching People’s Lives In Priceless Ways

  When Golf In Society started piloting its "Dementia Golf Days" back in September 2015, it never imagined that they would prove to be such an instant success. The University of Lincoln has been evaluating the pilot in order to determine the impact the initiative has had on the lives of  families living with dementia. Whilst the quantitative outcomes have been... Continue Reading →

Parkinson’s & Golf – The Perfect Partnership

  This week is Parkinson's Awareness Week. Did you know that to live well with the disease it's important to increase muscle strength, improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility.It's also widely recognised that regular exercise through walking is extremely beneficial for people with Parkinson's. Keeping the brain stimulated and regular socialising are other important considerations when helping people... Continue Reading →

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