Golf Is A Funny Game

I often say I wish I could record our dementia golf sessions. Our golfers provide us with many priceless memories, proving that being together on a golf course is more than just about hitting a ball - it provides moments of humour and laughter too... Here's a couple of great examples...

Preparing For A Life With Dementia

According to current predictions there's a ONE in THREE chance that everyone over 65 will develop dementia. The average life expectancy once diagnosed with dementia is seven years. Now here's the question, If you only had seven years left to live how would you spend them? Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones that lives... Continue Reading →

A Priceless Golfing Moment

Imagine hearing the words "sorry, I know you've enjoyed it, but I'm afraid your golfing days are over" This happens far too often when people are diagnosed with dementia or Parkinson's disease. Dealing with the fact you have an incurable illness must be hard enough, but to be then told that your favourite pastime can... Continue Reading →

Parkinson’s Pills On Time Please

  You may think taking medication a little late or missing a dose will do no harm - not with Parkinson's disease. Caring for Parkinson's clients every week has given me an intimate insight into how medication and meaningful stimulation can make a huge difference to their quality of life. I've recently witnessed a couple... Continue Reading →

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