I lost my dad to cancer 11 years ago. He was a keen golfer. Some of our best times were spent playing golf and socialising afterwards – priceless memories.


Dad, along with my mum remain my inspiration today. They taught me the importance of mutual respect and common decency, values that will always remain at the heart of everything we do.

As a passionate golfer I have followed the decline of the sport I love with great concern. It became apparent that golf is finding it difficult to transform itself into a modern customer-led business. It has not kept pace with lifestyle and demographic changes within society. It is now trying to “catch-up” but has some significant barriers to overcome. There are some excellent initiatives to encourage participation and numerous golfing organisations trying to transform its fortunes. However, the message is not getting through to enough new customers.

At the same time I became increasingly concerned about the “social time bombs” facing us. Our population was living longer, mental health, dementia, obesity, loneliness and social isolation were on the increase. It was apparent that new ways of improving public health and social care were desperately needed – otherwise the spiralling costs would bankrupt the public sector and lead to community breakdown.

I then started to think about how golf could play a part in creating healthier communities. I soon discovered that combining the features and benefits of golf with the issues facing society created some compelling partnership opportunities.

I now dedicate myself to inspiring our “golden generation” discover a better life through golf.

It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life…


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