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Think Active Lincolnshire – Fiterix – the new wonder drug – 18/03/2019

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We are very proud to be working in partnership with the Golf & Health project to prove why golf is such a great game to be involved in from cradle to grave.

There’s some amazing research taking place on how golf improves your muscle strength, balance, cognitive function and your mental wellbeing.  On this page we will share the compelling research and growing evidence as to why being involved with golf  is good for you, especially later in life.

If ever people say to you “why do you play golf?” try starting your reply with this fact.  On average golfers live 5 years longer than non-golfers.

We’ll start with probably the most important declaration ever about the health benefits of golf at a recent global health conference in London.

Wednesday 17th October – 2018 – London

London declaration on Golf & Health


Thursday 18th October – International consensus on golf & health

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General information and infographics


A full body workout



Calories burned



Improves your mental wellbeing


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