Our future plans are pretty simple

  • To create a network of golf resorts across the UK and beyond where families can enjoy and full and active life.
  • To educate the golf industry and health & well-being stakeholders on how to successfully engage with older adults facing challenges later in life.

With over 400 golf days successfully delivered we’re now embarking on an ambitious growth plan to expand the availability of our golf sessions and services to support communities across the UK.

In addition we’re developing a “golf resort blueprint” that will revolutionise the opportunities for older adults and their families to live well, keep active and enjoy a rewarding life with a sense of purpose for longer.

Our pioneering work is helping to transform lives and proving that there is a much brighter future for older adults to enjoy.

This is why it’s the most rewarding and enjoyable job I’ve ever had in my life.

Anthony Blackburn (Founder)

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