About Golf In Society

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For the past two years we have been proving how golf can play an important part in the lives of families living with dementia & Parkinson’s disease.

Golf In Society is a social enterprise with a vision to improve the lives of our ageing population by introducing them to the health & wellbeing benefits of golf.

Our mission is to put golf clubs at the heart of local communities where people can come together to enjoy a full and active life.

Golf gets a lot of bad publicity but it’s one of the best leisure activities out there as it stimulates the mind, body & soul and can be enjoyed for a lifetime – no matter what challenges people face.

Our dream is to see our pioneering golf sessions “socially prescribed” as a service that facilitates healthy ageing and supports people with chronic illness, especially later in life.

In September 2015 we decided to put our mission to the test….

We launched our pilot project at Lincoln Golf Centre to prove what a positive contribution golf can make to the lives of families living with dementia. The results have been truly inspirational and given us the confidence to continue the mission.

Dementia golf buddies


In April 2016 we began our second pilot project – golf sessions for families living with Parkinson’s disease. Once again, the positive impact has been amazing to witness.


In our first two years we are very proud to have created the FIRST dementia friendly golf club and the FIRST Parkinson’s friendly golf club anywhere in the World. They continue to go from strength to strength.

Crowd wave

Now that we’ve proved how successful our golf sessions can be, we’ve started planning how we can help more families during 2018… and beyond.

The priceless part of our work is seeing the smiles, hearing the laughter and knowing we’ve made a real difference to people’s lives..

Anthony Blackburn – Founder (Golf In Society – TM)





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