About Golf In Society

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our pioneering social mission. The best way to truly understand “what we do” and “why we do it” is to watch this short video…. pictures really do paint a thousand words !

We started our social mission in 2015 to prove how golf can play an important part in improving the lives of families facing challenges later in life. Since then we have supported families living with dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, loneliness and depression discover a renewed sense of purpose in life.

With over 500 golf sessions successfully delivered and a burning desire to make golf accessible to more families across the UK, our social mission is on track to play an integral part in encouraging our nation to enjoy a healthier, happier life for longer.

Here’s a video from our new venue in Scotland that shows how much happiness and sense of purpose we’re putting back into people’s lives.

Launch of new venue in Scotland at Stirling GC

Our social mission is clear, to create a network of golf venues across the UK, and beyond where families can come together to enjoy a happier, healthier future no matter what challenges come their way, especially later in life.

Here’s a few of our successes so far:

  • First ever dementia friendly golf club – Lincoln Golf Centre – Sept 2015
  • First ever Parkinson’s friendly golf club – Rudding Park – April 2016
  • First Scottish dementia friendly golf club – Mearns Castle – April 2018
  • Partnership with Ageing Well Research Centre (AWRC) at Sheffield Hallam University – March 2020
  • Partnership with National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) at Newcastle University – May 2020

As a social enterprise everything we do is built around improving the lives of the families we support. This will remain forever at the heart of our social mission.

Like many fellow social enterprises, The COVID-19 crisis has changed our direction of travel. However, the final social destination remains unchanged.

Golf in Society has emerged from the first wave of COVID-19 more resilient than ever and is now up and running at all venues with our new safeguarding protocol in place. Behind the scenes we continue to adapt to the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape to ensure we remain open for business.

We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved in our first five years. We’ve faced many challenges along the way that at times seemed insurmountable. However, we always managed to find way forward. As a result of our perseverance and determination the future looks remarkably bright as demand for our services continues to grow.

As the world contemplates how to build a happier, healthier, brighter future for everyone in society (especially post-COVID-19), we’re ready to play our part in transforming lives through golf.

With a compelling track record of delivery behind us and clear growth plan ahead, our social vision is very much on track to become the reality we dreamed about.

In the words of Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it” and we’re dreaming big!

Anthony Blackburn – Founder (Golf In Society – TM)


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  1. I think this is absolutely brilliant! This is very close to my heart. How is it coming with the first dementia friendly golf club in Glasgow? I’d like to see if there are any potential ways to support that initiative!

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    1. Good morning Kirsty. Thank you for those kind words. Glasgow is going really well and we are now getting referrals in from health professionals. We are always interested in talking to like-minded people about how we can work together. Why not send us an email or ring us. Our number is 07491694938 and email is golfinsociety@gmail.com. Look forward to speaking to you. Anthony


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